Wednesday, April 15, 2015

New Government Documents Exhibition Features American Military History And Civil War

Outside of CSU’s National Library Week festivities, there are additional events happening around CSU libraries. Near The Express Einstein Bros. Bagels, located on the first floor of the Schwob Memorial Library, exhibits the new Government Documents exhibition.  

This is one of many Government Documents exhibitions displayed this semester. Patrons of the library and foodies of Einstein’s Bagels are invited and encouraged to review the exhibition and any other Government Document exhibition.

The current exhibition features historical elements of The Civil War and was curated by CSU Technical Services Assistant and graduate student, Jesse Chariton. Along with other highlighted areas the historical war and period, American military history is also a featured theme in the collection.

"The purpose of the whole endeavor is to promote the use of Government Documents, in general, by showing that books exist in the collection which are of interest to all majors" Chariton added. Previous displays included NASA/Space Exploration, Current Events, Black History and Women's History month. 

Largely, Government publications provide additional and more information on a wide range of academic areas and time periods. Commons types of information are statistical and reference works, bibliographies, handbooks, reports, studies, maps and others.

Be sure to enjoy and visit the new exhibition before the end of the month! For more information about Government Documents displays, collections, and exhibitions, feel free to browse the Official CSU page, CSU Government Documents, CSU Government Documents Collection Development Policy, or contact CSU Government Documents Coordinator.

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