Monday, January 6, 2020

Library Hours for January 2020

The Library Hours for January 2 - January 17 are:

January 2-12 

Monday-Friday                 8 AM-5 PM
Saturday and Sunday      CLOSED

January 13-17

Monday-Thursday            8 AM-10 PM
Friday                               8 AM-5 PM

The Library will resume normal operating hours on January 18th.

Please Ask A Librarian for more information at:  706-507-8671

Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Winter Break Hours

The Library will be open during Winter Break.  Please see below for the dates and times.

December 9th - December 13th:  8am - 5pm
December 14th - December 15th:  CLOSED
December 16th - December 18th:  8am - 5pm
December 19th - December 29th:  CLOSED
December 30th - December 31st:  8am - 5pm
January 1st:  CLOSED
January 2nd:  8am - 5pm

Monday, September 9, 2019

100,000 Downloads for the CSU e-Press

It is time to celebrate!  The publications in the CSU ePress, CSU's institutional repository, have been downloaded more than 100,000 times since the CSU ePress first opened its doors in 2016.

The CSU ePress contains the intellectual and academic work of CSU's faculty and students.  Examples include theses and dissertations, journal articles, scholarly presentations, and conference proceedings.  There are also three open access journals highlighted in the CSU ePress:  Servant Leadership:  Theory and Practice, the Muscogiana, and Perspectives in Learning.  Student creative works are also located in the CSU ePress.  For example, the Arden (CSU's literary magazine) and Momentum are both stored in the CSU ePress.

The CSU ePress is also the home of the reports, maps, and digital humanity projects created by the Columbus Community Geography Center.  The Columbus Community Geography Center (CCGC) is a community-driven collaboration that uses geographical thinking to research, map, analyze, and provide fresh and insightful perspectives on issues in the city and region.

There are also episodes of the CSU TV on the CSU ePress, along with two open access textbooks written by CSU's Dr. Jennifer Brown.

In the future, the administrators of the CSU ePress plan to include media projects and data repositories, along with more theses, dissertations and student publications.

For more information about the CSU ePress, please contact Jackie Radebaugh at 706-507-8693.

Friday, August 2, 2019

Inter-Semester Hours: Friday, August 2nd - Sunday, August 11th

The Schwob Memorial Library will be open during Inter-Semester at the following times:

August 2nd:  8am - 5pm
August 3-4:  CLOSED
August 5th:  2pm - 5pm
August 6-9:  8am - 5pm
August 10-11:  1pm - 5pm

We will begin our Fall Semester 2019 hours on Monday, August 12th.

Tuesday, June 4, 2019

#CSULibReno: A Closer Look at the New Front Seating

Have you walked by the front of the Schwob Memorial Library and wondered where the walls went and what happened to the computer lab?

Well here is the scoop on what is happening...

The former front computer lab will be turned into a posh new seating and study area complete with a glass exterior to bring in more sunlight and offer you an fantastic view of the quad.  

This area will include cafe style seating which is perfect for study session with your classmates or colleagues.  There will also be casual seating including comfy chairs and couches for relaxing and catching up with your friends. (Dare we say napping as well? Check out our Facebook post featuring tips on napping in the library)

To make this happen, UITS moved all computers, printers, and scanners approximately 3 weeks ago to the Back Computer Lab.  Contractors then emptied this space of all furniture and the Presidential paintings were returned to the Office of the President

Last week, contractors demolished the exterior walls to make the spaces for the new glass exterior.  Temporary walls are currently in place as window frames are being built and the HVAC system in this are is upgraded.  We will keep you updated on further developments via the Library Blog and the #CSULibReno Guide!  
Have questions about what is going on?                                                                                                Email us at 

Front Seating Plans 

Wednesday, May 22, 2019

#CSULibReno: May is for Moving

There is so much going on in May as renovations begin!  You are going to see a lot of construction on the First Floor as contractors work to complete the disruptive work before everyone returns for Fall 2019.

Here is the break down of what is happening over the next few weeks.

  • Front Computer Lab
    • UITS, electricians, and movers have moved the front computer lab to start work on renovations that include cutting new windows and creating a new study area at the front of the library.  
    • All computers, scanners, and printers are now in the Back Lab in front of the Help Desk. 

  • Library Entrance
    • Construction will begin on the Circulation and Reference desks soon.  All services will remain the same and the only difference you will see here is a possible location change as both desks shift back to allow for construction on the entrance. 
  • Reference Books
    • The reference books and shelving have moved to make way for a new study area.
  • Second Floor
    • Books and shelving have been moved from the Second Floor as construction is set to begin on the CSU Advise and Tutoring offices.

Please stay tuned to our blog, #csulibreno Guide, and social media for all the latest updates. 

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