Friday, July 24, 2015

Introducing the ST Imaging Microfilm ViewScanner

Have you ever wondered if there is a way to view old newspapers?  Does the thought of having to frequently zoom in to read small-print electronic articles (either required for class or vice versa) cause your mind to spin?  Well, in case you do not know or remember, the library does have a utilized, tried-and-true method that makes it easier and more efficient to read those minutely small-text documents.

Known as the ST Imaging Microfilm ViewScanner, it is an electronic device through which documents (stored as micro-form) can be easily and accessibly viewed. Quite simply, micro-forms refer to various forms of media, usually film or paper, which contain micro-reproductions (e.g. full and small text or images that are too small to see with the eyes). By using the ViewScanner, you can now read documents that would otherwise be difficult to see.  

The ViewScanner is located on the library's first floor in the Microform Reading Room.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Book Review of "The Marshmallow Test - Mastering Self-Control"

In his groundbreaking book, "The Marshmallow Test," Dr. Walter Mischel (a psychologist) presents a marshmallow to young children, in which he permits them to either enjoy the delectable treat now, or wait until given the choice of having two marshmallows to enjoy.  The significance of the marshmallow test is that it describes what occurs when people are presented with a choice to either give in to self-gratification, such as consuming marshmallows (instant reward), or wait for something better (delayed reward).  Dr. Mischel found that those who waited for something better were more likely to have higher SAT scores, better social and cognitive skills, and unbelievably but not surprisingly, a lower body-mass index (BMI). 

This book is definitely a must-read, especially for those of us who want to practice enhancing self-control skills.

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Library Dependents

Hello, faculty and staff!

Just wanted to let you know of your dependent privileges, which can be found at the following website: 

Here at the library, your dependents can also use the library with their dependent ID that they get at Human Resources. With it they can check out CSU's collection of over 280,000 books, including the McNaughton collection with new and popular materials such as graphic novels, cookbooks, etc. for casual reading.

Come 'Chill' with Us in the Library and Escape the Summer Heat!

Good morning, students! We hope you are enjoying the summer time, but we do not want you to melt like a popsicle prior to fall semester.  So we invite you to immerse, rejuvenate, and reinvigorate yourselves by taking advantage of our 'chillerific' resources. While you may already know and use some of our services, others may be unfamiliar to you. Listed below is an overview of resources that you can expect to see:

  • Research Clinic
    • Provides assistance with papers and projects.
    • Designates access to Google Chromebooks.
    • Scheduled research consultation available (face-to-face, text a librarian, email, or by phone).
    • Subject librarians available in:
      • Archaeology and Anthropology                  
        • Paul Luft
      • Art (Visual Arts)                                                 
        • Thomas Ganzevoort
      • Biology                                                                
        • Paul Luft
      • Business (except MISM)                                 
        • Alison Sperry
      • Chemistry and Geology*                                  
        • Paul Luft
      • Communication                                                
        •  Thomas Ganzevoort
      • Computer Science                                        
        • Jacqueline Radebaugh
      • Criminal Justice                                                
        • Alison Sperry
      • Education                                                       
        • Michelle Jones
      • English                                                               
        • Paula Adams
      • Environmental Science                                
        • Paul Luft
      • History and Geography                                
        • Thomas Ganzevoort
      • Management Information Systems                 
        • Jacqueline Radebaugh
      • Modern and Classical Languages                 
        • Paula Adams
      • Music                                                                 
        • Roberta Ford
      • Nursing                                                               
        • Paul Luft
      • Philosophy                                                       
        • Linda Jones
      • Political Science and Public Administration  
        • Alison Sperry
      • Psychology                                                       
        • Linda Jones
      • Sociology                                                      
        • Linda Jones
      • Theatre                                                              
        • Paula Adams
*Includes Physics, Astrology, and Engineering

  • Document scanners and charging stations are available for mobile devices.
  • Circulation Desk
    • Provides access to laptops, headphones, DVDs, and course reserves.
  • Study Rooms
    • First come, first served basis
    • Located on 2nd and 3rd floor
  • Gil-Express Library Service
    • Allows students to request books from other local universities or colleges*
      • *Must be in print only.
    • Arrival: 3-5 business days after request date.
  • Tutoring Services
    • The math, science, and writing centers host tutoring appointments in the library during Fall and Spring semesters.

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Library Closes for Upcoming Holiday

Hello students,

Just wanted to remind you that the library will be closed Friday,  July 3 - Saturday,  July 4.  We will be open during regular hours starting  Sunday, July 5.  Also, it is important to keep in mind the following:  if you are or have been doing work in the computer lab,  you need to transfer those documents (files) to your memory device (e.g. USB drive) before leaving today, as there is no guarantee the document(s) will be accessible on the computer(s) you used.

Most of all, have a wonderful time this weekend wherever you travel!

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