Tuesday, March 10, 2015

ePress to Increase Research and Scholarship at CSU

There are many amenities and services within the Columbus State Libraries that help not only CSU students and faculty members but scholars everywhere. The CSU ePress, an Open Access digital archive, is an online service that preserves and collects various materials such as dissertations and theses, conference presentations, journal articles, student publications and poems.

Many scholars and students are presumed to use the CSU ePress because all works uploaded in the digital archive are accessible through Google Scholar and Google. Yet, one of the most significant and snubbed feature of the ePress is that all information provided is largely free.

This feature, and benefit, allows students to better conduct their research without the worry and burden of coming out of pocket. With the Open Access feature, scholars and students do not have to worry about certain copyright and licensing restrictions, as many scholars may have dealt with in the past.

The CSU ePress also offers search filter options and citations to better position patrons and scholars routing and conducting their research online. Many patrons of the Schwob Memorial Library are more than likely to conduct their research physically in a library; however, with the CSU ePress, finding a professor’s graduate dissertation or last winter’s issues of The Arden can be conducted from a home kitchen or in a dorm room.

The arrangement of resources available and benefit of the CSU ePress is far too accommodating for scholars and CSU students to not use. With the expansion of the CSU ePress, more and more works from faculty and staff members and students are becoming accessible; the CSU ePress helps students and scholars to conduct their research with ease, consistently.

The growing archive includes many student creative works and professional works from CSU faculty and staff that have and are presumed to improve visibility of scholarship and the rate of citations. Be sure to visit the CSU ePress and the CSU Libraries.

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