Wednesday, March 18, 2015

CSU Libraries’ Provisional Spring Break Hours

After mid-terms, preparing for a week-long hiatus away from school work and studious time management is often the topmost priority for students awaiting spring break. March 23rd to March 27th is Columbus State University’s 2015 scheduled spring break.

Because many may not take a break from their studies, the CSU libraries will remain open for this one week with special hours. The Simon Schwob Memorial Library will close March 21st and 22nd and will re-open for the week of spring break with provisional hours.

Schwob Memorial Library Spring Break Hours

                  March 21 & 22nd                      Closed
Monday, March 23rd               8:00am – 5: 00pm
Tuesday, March 24th              8:00am – 5: 00pm
Wednesday, March 25th         8:00am – 5: 00pm
Thursday, March 26th            8:00am – 5: 00pm
Friday, March 27th                 8:00am – 5: 00pm

The CSU Music Library, located on the River Park Campus, also, will open with interim hours the week of March 23rd – March 26th.

CSU Music Library Spring Break Hours

                   March 22nd                              Closed
Monday, March 23rd               9:00am – 5: 00pm
Tuesday, March 24th              9:00am – 5: 00pm
Wednesday, March 25th         9:00am – 5: 00pm
Thursday, March 26th            9:00am – 5: 00pm
   Friday, March 27th                 9:00am – 5: 00pm   

CSU Libraries will re-open with its regular, spring semester hours the following week of March 30, 2015. For more information, please see official CSU libraries’ Hours of Operation.  

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