Friday, March 20, 2015

5 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do at the Schwob Library

The CSU Libraries encourage scholastic integrity and studious work ethic both on campus and off-campus while students are away on spring break. For many students and patrons of the Simon Schwob Memorial library, it may become harder to him or her to find activities or things to do in the library. Here are a few suggestions that may interest all readers and visitors of the Schwob library.

5. Become a Film Buff
The main campus library, the Schwob Memorial Library, offers a wide variety of films, productions and television shows available to check out to use in the library. While many are away on spring break, the CSU libraries’ film collection might interest many, compared to reading a novel or article. CSU libraries also manage Films on Demand that consists of 7,000 video titles and includes the new collection of United Newsreels, an additional 260 titles to the film collection.

4. Get Ahead on Summer Reading
The summer season is often filled with sunscreen, planned vacations, and a “good read.” There are many databases, such as Galileo, Gil-Find, and others to help avid readers compile a summer reading list. Book clubs, English majors, and other avid readers are encouraged to use the services and databases to compose a summer reading list too cool for the summer heat ahead. For more information about finding aids and the library’s databases, be sure to see CSU libraries official website.

3.  Catch up on Current Events
It is often hard for students and educators to catch up on social and current events. While most of the campus will be away, reading the local, state and national major newspapers is always encouraged in the library. Not only are newspapers available but so are other publications, i.e., academic journals, government documents, and magazines.

2. Finish Assignments and Study
One of the most snubbed feature of the library is the consist quietness that many, if not most, students appreciate on the first floor of the Schwob library. With a large portion of CSU students away, the Schwob library is one of the best places on campus to study, meet up with classmates to commune, and study together.

1. Explore
Many people come in and out the library with set objectives. Instead of planning out a trip to the library, browse the three, different floors of the Schwob library. Near the Information Commons Area, various art pieces adorn the perimeter of the computer area; yet, there are numerous historical resources to read within the CSU Archives, located on the third floor. The CSU Archives serves as a repository documenting the history of Columbus State University, the city of Columbus, as well as, and the broader Chattahoochee Valley area. Whether you wish to inquire about the Columbus and Chattahoochee Valley area history or wish to observe eclectic art work— The Schwob Memorial has it.

For more information about other events, services, and activities to do within the Schwob library, visit the official website or social media pages of the library. 

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