Thursday, October 23, 2014

Open Access Week: CSU ePress

Columbus State University ePress 

To celebrate Open Access Week, CSU Libraries will highlight our own Open Access resource, CSU ePress.

The CSU ePress is a digital archive of the academic output of CSU that highlights the writing and work of faculty members and students. Right now, the focus is collecting the published works of our faculty members and uploading them to the CSU ePress so that they are easily accessible by students and faculty alike. Some of the benefits to having the published work of CSU faculty members available through the CSU ePress include:
  •        Students’ ability to access the works of their professors for research and reading
  •        Faculty member awareness of and access to the work of their cohorts
  •        The academic work of our faculty members being highlighted

See for yourself! Here is a link to the main page of the CSU ePress:
For more information, feel free to contact Jackie Radebaugh through her campus email,
You can also contact her graduate assistant at

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