Monday, May 23, 2011

Summer Reading: GALILEO Planet News

GALILEO Planet News is an online newsletter about GALILEO's many collections and services. Free to all GALILEO users, GALILEO Planet News offers many helpful suggestions on how you can use GALILEO both in your classes and in your daily lives.

For example, on May 18th, GALILEO Planet News celebrated May as being the National Physical Fitness and Sports Month by providing links to several health and fitness magazines that are available to you online through GALILEO. It also listed links to several GALILEO databases that contain articles and fact sheets about exercise and fitness. For more information, please see:

GALILEO Planet News also provides space for you to officially become a fan of GALILEO by writing about why you think that GALILEO is so great! For example, Ruth, one GALILEO Fan, wrote that GALILEO "finds absolutely everything." All of GALILEO's fan mail is put into an online scrapbook and also is posted on GALILEO Planet News.

For information about what GALILEO can offer to you, please check out the GALILEO Planet News and Ask a Librarian!

Happy Searching!

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