Thursday, May 5, 2011

Database of the Month: kcdlonline


The Kraus Curriculum Development Library (kcdlonline) is a continuously updated, searchable database that brings together educational objectives, content, instructional strategies, and evaluative techniques for all subjects covered in PreK-12 and Adult Basic Education. With a growing database of nearly 5,000 curriculum documents, kcdlonline provides you with a direct link to the curricula you need and contact information on the agencies that issue the curricula.

The Kraus Curriculum Development Library in this online version comprises over 50,000 current pages of text submitted by educational agencies for easy access and reference. Documents from the 20th edition forward are available in a PDF format. You can view these PDFs directly from the kcdlonline web site with Adobe Acrobat Reader software. (Suggestion: For faster processing and viewing, we recommend that you download the files to your local hard drive for convenient viewing.)

In addition to this KCDL database, over 400 of the documents included in past editions of KCDL are available through kcdlonline's hyperlinks to the issuing agencies' web sites.

For more information about kcdlonline, please see its Tips and Tricks page or contact CSU Libraries.

Happy Searching!

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