Thursday, October 24, 2013

Spirit of Love Painting Exhibition

Come out to see David Knapp's painting exhibition, Spirit of Love, on Thursday 10/24/13 at the Simon Schwob Memorial Library on CSU's main campus at 6:30. 

David Knapp will be graduating CSU with his BFA this December Summa Cum Laude.  He currently lives in Seale, Alabama with his wife Taylor Knapp, (soon to come) son Josiah and their dog Lucy.  David is interested in the spiritual and its relationship to art and explores these ideas in his paintings.  

A message from the artist:

 “Continuing and expanding on previous themes, I portray abstractions of fire, water, wind, and light along with the use of elements such as gold. I have continued experimenting with different techniques of application of paint and continue a predominately spontaneous process. This process builds from the seed of an idea, whether from an experience or a revelation, for each painting. I aim to follow my spirit, in tune with the Spirit of Love, while working on these paintings. Because I am a body, soul and spirit, however, all three influence the work. I paint in the physical and I am influenced by my mind, will and emotions (technical training, mood, etc.). That being said, my goal is to allow the spirit a predominate role in the process by tuning my body and soul to come into harmony with the atmosphere from which my spirit works.”

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