Monday, March 12, 2012

The Chronicle of Higher Education

Students and faculty now have three options to access the Chronicle of Higher Education.

First Option: Once you create a free account at, you may access the Chronicle of Higher Education from any remote location without having to log into GALILEO first.

Second Option: Using the Web browser of any smart phone and mobile device, you may access premium content posted on the Chronicle of Higher Education website.

NEW, Third Option:
NOW anyone and everyone at Columbus State University can download the Chronicle’s iPad editions. Download either or both sections of current and recent issues. All that is needed is the iPad App, which is also free, along with a Chronicle account using your e-mail address. Go to the Apple store to download the free App. Then, using your user name and password, log on to the App and go to the Chronicle's "News Stand". All issues should appear without any price tags.

Happy Discovery!

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