Friday, February 17, 2012

Studying Late?

Studying at home is almost impossible for me. There are just too many distractions. Whether it’s my roommates, my neighbors, or even my pets, some things cannot be ignored so that it’s possible to study. But where else is there to study? My days are filled with classes and I’m off to work after school. The library will be closed by the time I get off, right? WRONG!

The CSU libraries have new extended hours to fit OUR needs! The Main Campus Library is now open until 2 am and the River Park Campus Library is now open until 11 pm, Sunday – Thursday. Even with all other hours remaining the same, this gives me so much more time to get some studying done in a quiet environment. Last week I was in the library with a study group until 1 am. In my honest opinion, I prefer studying at the library during the late hours because it is so quiet and ideal for getting work done.

Guest Blogger: Tiana Chichester, CSU Junior

For more information on the new “Carpe Noctem” Extended Hours click the link:

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