Thursday, February 23, 2012

New Technology at the Library!

Have you ever used a piece of technology that is provided for public use and wondered, “What's happened to this thing?” or “How do they expect me to use this?”? Well there’s no need to worry anymore. CSU’s main campus library has brand new equipment available for student use.

There are 26 new notebooks along with a number of new headphones and external DVD drives that go with them. There are also 15 brand new computers and a few graphing calculators. No more keyboards and mice that don’t work. Life seems to be a little easier when the technology provided works.

Honestly, in my opinion, if I’m using a computer or laptop that either doesn’t function properly or is old, I will not be happy doing the assignment. Most students, including myself, aren’t very happy doing any assignment, but it is less of a hassle with new, working equipment.

With all the new technology that the library is providing for students, I definitely have no excuses for not turning in quality work to my professors. I’m excited about the new equipment available for us to use and you should be too!

Guest Blogger: Tiana Chichester, CSU Junior

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