Friday, April 1, 2011

The Ninja Library

Although ninjas are most commonly thought of as being Japanese, it is a little known but true fact that over half of all ninjas are graduates of Columbus Ninja University.

One thing to remember is that the Ninja Library here at Columbus Ninja University is a valuable resource for you in many ways. If you are having trouble mastering the art of stealth and invisibility we have many books to help explain these principles in depth further to you. If you want to further your weapons skills we can also help with our many online resources and databases, which give you access to thousands of fighting styles and techniques. Can’t find the answer to your question just stop by and one of the many Ninja Specialist Masters will help you find everything you are looking for.

At the Ninja Library our ultimate goal is to help succeed in all your endeavors while attending Columbus Ninja University. In the video below each ninja graduated from Columbus Ninja University and each one came to the Ninja Library for help. Take advantage of all we have to offer, we are here for you!

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