Wednesday, April 13, 2011

New E-Resources Guide for Films on Demand

Films on Demand is a comprehensive collection of high-quality educational videos licensed from a long established educational media distributor. Nearly 7000 videos cover a wide range of topics organized into 5 broad subjects. Individual segments subdivide each video into discrete shorter units.

The interface allows searching by title, by keywords in segments, browsing titles alphabetically, and browsing or searching within the subject areas.

The default playback for videos in this collection is Flash. Users also can select playback in Windows Media or QuickTime. Playback on PCs running Windows software allows changing the size of the video display and selecting a different playback bit rate.

Many of the titles in the collection have closed-captioning. Use the Advanced Search function to limit search results to titles with closed-captioning.

For more instructions on videos and this database please see the new E-Resources Guide.

Using third-party software to capture these video streams for playback outside of the Films on Demand interface is illegal and violates the CSU Libraries license for these videos.

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