Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Introducing CSU Libraries' New Databases

The CSU Library is proud to announce that we now have access to four new databases. These are: Drama Online, Mergent Key Business Ratios (Historical Collection), Mergent Key Business Ratios (Current Collection), and Mergent Intellect, all of which can be found via Galileo.

Perfect for those who love studying theater and theatrical performances, Drama Online provides in-depth helpful guidance on collective historiographies of plays and performances, both former and current alike. It is also a very useful research tool for critical and analytical analyses on a wide variety of performances, and through its association with the American Shakespeare Center (ASC), there are many collections of images depicting Shakespeare's notable works and adaptations.  Much more information can be found here: http://www.galileo.usg.edu/express?link=drao-col1.

For those who are technologically savvy and business-oriented, Mergent is your go-to. This central database is comprised of the current and historical (archival) Key Business Ratios (KBR) and Intellect.  Among other factors, the KBR databases examine a business's stability in relation to growth trends, where it stands in the market sector, and its performance in meeting obligations of all types.  To find out more information on archival Mergent Key Business Ratios, please visit: http://www.galileo.usg.edu/express?link=keys-col1.  For additional information on the current version of KBR, please visit:  http://www.galileo.usg.edu/express?link=mery-col1.

Intellect is an additional database within Mergent that houses easily accessible information on local and global business data, including consumer information.  Please visit  http://www.galileo.usg.edu/express?link=merz-col1 for more information.

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