Friday, August 7, 2015

In the Land of Pasaquan

Eddie Owens Martin, who called himself St. EOM, was the visionary artist behind Pasaquan, his home and created environment in Buena Vista, Georgia.  His mind, body, and soul went into every facet of creation behind this utopian complex. St EOM began his artistic journey as a painter, but then quickly became a self- taught, multifaceted artist who created a style composed of many artistic traditions including influences from Meso-American, African, and Eastern art and philosophies. 

Martin envisioned Pasaquan as a place where the past, present, and future could thrive under one roof, and St. EOM’s art work reflects these ideals. 

Pasaquan is currently under restoration by the dedicated workers of Kohler Foundation Inc. An introductory preview of this unique culture will be displayed on the first floor of the Simon Schwob Library August 10th to September 10th on Columbus State University’s main campus. Venture into the Land of Pasaquan!

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