Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Book Review of "The Marshmallow Test - Mastering Self-Control"

In his groundbreaking book, "The Marshmallow Test," Dr. Walter Mischel (a psychologist) presents a marshmallow to young children, in which he permits them to either enjoy the delectable treat now, or wait until given the choice of having two marshmallows to enjoy.  The significance of the marshmallow test is that it describes what occurs when people are presented with a choice to either give in to self-gratification, such as consuming marshmallows (instant reward), or wait for something better (delayed reward).  Dr. Mischel found that those who waited for something better were more likely to have higher SAT scores, better social and cognitive skills, and unbelievably but not surprisingly, a lower body-mass index (BMI). 

This book is definitely a must-read, especially for those of us who want to practice enhancing self-control skills.

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