Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Tips on How to Compile The Best Summer Reading List

While enjoying the warm months of summer, students and patrons are advised to continue their pace of studies and start with their summer reading. Whether it’s a graphic novel, works as long as Tolkien’s Lord of The Rings or a magazine article, be sure to review suggestions on how to compile the perfect summer reading list or simply how to become a better reader.

Reading is one of the most prolific kills to have. Reading improves your writing and comprehension skills, increases one’s ability to focus and concentrate as well as improves one’s chances of excelling academically and professionally. 

Reading lists give readers something to look forward to and help readers to set academic objectives and goals. Summer reading lists continues one’s pace of studies, outside the academic fiscal year; expands one’s vocabulary, and helps readers to understand other cultures and languages, not of his or her own.  

Suggestions for Finding the Best Reads
  1. When in search of a good novel or book, search for similar subjects, topics, or genre that is associated with the topic you are looking for or have in mind. 
  2. Use databases such as GALILEO, Lib Guides and Gil-Find to narrow and filter your search results to find the best sellers, popular picks, or to help compile your summer lists. 
  3. Browse literary journals, magazines, and reviews for contemporary and current reads that are popular or recommended. 
  4. For readers interested in movies that began as novels, search Movie indexes like, IMBM  for popular and well respected productions. 
  5. Plays, poetry chapbooks and collections, graphic novels and magazines are not excused from summer reading lists. Include works like these to add color to your selections.   
  6. Readers that are attracted to specific genres or certain authors are advised to follow up on their favorites by requesting favorite authors at your local or school’s library. 
  7. Find a cozy and comfortable place to read. A comfortable environment to go to may help a reader's passion to read. Find your own nook or private place to read. 

CSU Libraries encourages and advises all students and patrons to compile their summer reading list with the above suggestions. For more information, be sure to visit CSU Libraries Page.

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