Monday, June 16, 2014

How to Connect to the New Wireless

What happened to the wireless connection?

For those of you wondering what is happening when you connect to wireless and why you are not on the log-in screen, Simon Schwob Library underwent a new wireless connection uplift. Now all you have to do is log-in your CSU account once and your device can log on automatically when you access the internet. 

How do I log-in now? 

Step 1: Go to wireless connections and select CougarWaveOpen or CougarWaveSecure(only for CSU Faculty/Staff/Students with Apple products)
Step 2: Open a web browser and the page should redirect to the registration page
Step 3: Agree to the terms
Step 4: Select either the CSU Faculty/Staff/Student option or the Guest option
Step 5: Fill in the information asked (Novell login for CSU and name and personal e-mail for Guest)
Step 6: A screen should come up and a bar should be loading to finish the registration process
Step 7: A pop up will appear saying registration is complete. Exit the browser, make sure your wireless connection is set for CougarWaveOpen or CougarWaveSecure, and open the browser again.
Step 8: For laptops, restart and then open the browser.

I can't connect. What's the problem?

Make sure you have established your Wi-Fi connection to either CougarWaveOpen or CougarWaveSecure as well as restart your device. Note that only CSU accounts with an Apple device can use CougarWaveSecure. If you still cannot log on, contact UITS Help Desk at (706)506-8199.

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