Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Get Help on Your Final Paper

It's about that time again. The semester is on its last leg and final papers are around the corner. Stop by the library for a free research consultation to get you started on the right foot. Either e-mail or call one of our reference librarians to schedule an appointment.

Paula M. Adams
Phone: 706-507-8671
Liaison Areas: Theatre, Language and Literature

Roberta Chodacki Ford
Phone: 706-641-5047
Liaison Areas: Music

Tom Ganzevoort
Phone: 706-507-8686
Liaison Areas: Art, Communication, History and Geography

LuMarie Guth
Phone: 706-507-8684
Liaison Areas: Business, Criminal Justice, Political Science and Public Administration

Linda T. Jones
Phone: 706-507-8677
Liaison Areas: Psychology, Sociology, Philosophy

Michelle E. Jones
Phone: 706-507-8688
Liaison Area: Education, Nursing, and Health Science

Jacqueline Radebaugh
Phone: 706-507-8693
Liaison Areas: Computer Science, Management Information Systems

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