Thursday, August 30, 2012

What Happened to the Library?!

A few friends and I walked into the library on the first week of school. At first we were talking amongst ourselves, but as soon as we looked up we were all surprised. The library looked completely different. We looked around and saw a larger collection of computers for us students. There were more tables, which was a pleasant surprise. Many know that finding an open table around finals could be considered an Olympic sport, but now there’s many for us to utilize. Along with the tables, there has been an addition of a new forum area with seating that can be moved. The new forum area is also equipped with a digital projector which will come in handy for upcoming presentations. My favorite part of the new renovation has to be the extremely comfortable and stylish seating that the library has provided for us. The bean bag chairs were so comfortable students would fall asleep in them. Well, I've already seen a few people dozing off on our new furniture. In my opinion, comfort is an important part of effective studying. The new design of the library is perfect for study groups and/or individual studying. More computers, more tables, a forum area, study rooms with white boards and comfortable, functional furniture makes the library more appealing for school related tasks and projects.

Tiana Chatmon, Guest Blogger

Photos by Michelle Viers

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