Monday, April 30, 2012

Introducing the CSU ePress

CSU ePress Staff, L-R: Jackie Radebaugh, Electronic Resources and Systems Librarian, Charlotte Davis, and Anna Hale

The CSU ePress is our university's institutional repository (IR). By institutional repository, we mean a database that holds scholarly information specific to CSU, both written by, and utilized by members of our own institution for the benefit of the university as a whole. The digital repository will contain the electronic dissertations and theses (ETDs) of CSU students and faculty to begin with, but will eventually contain more scholarly information for the use of all members of the university as time progresses.

The CSU ePress will serve as a means by which students and faculty may access scholarly research generated by members of CSU, and the database will furthermore create opportunities for scholarly material to be composed of and added to the repository for the benefit of the CSU community.

The CSU ePress Institutional Repositories: Copyright Information for Authors brochure is available for download.

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