Saturday, November 6, 2010

Database of the Month: IngentaConnect

Have you ever found a citation to an article in a journal that is not owned by the library? What did you do? Did you give up the search and find something else to use that was may not be as "good?"

A great resource to use when you cannot find an article in any of the library’s print or online journals is IngentaConnect.

IngentaConnect’s database contains articles from more than 29,500 publications. More than 8,000 of these publications are available online. Through IngentaConnect, you have access to 4,547,834 journal articles, reports and book chapters. Many of the publications available contain up-to-date information about almost all fields of knowledge. It is especially strong in the physical sciences and business fields.

The IngentaConnect search functions are intuitive and easy-to-use. IngentaConnect also allows you to browse over 13,530 publications.

To download an article through IngentaConnect, simply click on its title link. You will first see an abstract of the article and then a link to the full-text.

If the CSU Libraries do not own the journal, you will see the following text:

The full text electronic article is available for purchase. You will be able to download the full text electronic article after payment.

Click on Buy Now and then sign into the database.

Please note that if you do not already have an account with IngentaConnect, you must register first. Although this step is required, you will not be charged for any articles that you download from IngentaConnect.

It is that easy! Through IngentaConnect, you will be able to get almost instant delivery of information that you could not have found elsewhere.

More information about IngentaConnect can be found at:

Happy Searching!

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